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Air Sport
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Air Sport

Air Sport

The term Air sports covers a range of aerial activities such as:

 General aviation including Air racing
 Hang gliding
 Human powered aircraft
 Power Kites

Airsport Federation of Asia (AFA), is the Airsport Federation of Asia  is governing all Air Sports in the Asian Continent. AFA is recognised by Olympic Council of Asia (OCA). AFA was formed in the year 2016 to broad base & promote Air Sports amongst Asians and to professionally strengthen the Asian Continent in this sphere. It is a non-government and Not for Profit sporting international institution.

List of disciplines

  • Powered Paragliding

Powered paragliders usually fly between 15 and 45 mph (25 and 70 km/h) at altitudes from 'foot-dragging in the grass' up to 18,000 ft (5400 m) although most flying is done under 500 ft (150 m) AGL (above ground level). Due to the paramotor's slow forward speed, it must not be flown in conditions of high wind, turbulence, or intense thermal activity.

The paramotor, weighing from 45 to 80 pounds (20 to 36 kg) is supported by the pilot during takeoff. After a brief run (typically 10 feet or 3 metres) the wing lifts the motor and its harnessed pilot off the ground. After takeoff, the pilot gets into the seat and sits suspended beneath the inflated paraglider wing. Control is available using brake toggles for roll and a hand-held throttle for pitch.

List of events

  • mixed


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