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Luge is a sport that is run on tracks with a sled, most tracks are atificially refridgirated.

The athletes ride in an aerodynamic and flat position on the sled, keeping there heads low to minimise air resistance.

The sled is steered with the feet by applying pressure on the runners. The sled moves at high speeds, it requiers shifting of body weights, aplying presure with the shoulders and rolling the head the sled also have handles that could be used for minor adjustments.

The sled moves around high banked curves. the atificial track luge is the most agile sledging sport.

List of disciplines

  • Luge

Luge is one of the oldest winter sports. It is also one of the most dangerous, and involves competitors lying on their backs on a tiny sled with their feet stretched out in front of them, and racing down an icy track at speeds in the range of 140 km/h, without brakes. Luge has its roots as far back as the 16th century, according to references in German books which mention the use of "Rodeln", but it was not until 300 years later that the first luge tracks were built in the Swiss Alps by hotel owners. Thus luge, like its cousin, the bobsleigh, was born and developed as a sport in Switzerland The first course was built at Davos in 1879, and four years later the town was host to the first international competition, with competitors racing along a 4km icy road between Davos and the village of Klosters.

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