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Sports Climbing
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Sports Climbing

Sports Climbing

Sport climbing is a style of rock climbing which requires permanent anchors fixed to the rock for protection, like bolts.

Sport climbing requires lots of strength, endurance gymnastic ability, risk and self-sufficiency.

External equipments are used to provide safety but not to aid the athlete to go higher. The sport is considered to be a form of free climbing.

The equipments used in sport climbing includes a helmet, dynamic rope, quickdraws, belay device, climbing harnesses, runners, climbing shoes, chalk bag.

A rope is tied to the person who is to lead the sport and the loose end of the rope by a belayer.

As each of the bolt is reached along the route, the climber attaches a quickdraw to the bolt, and then clips the rope through the hanging end of the quickdraw this will now protect the climber in the event of fall. There is a two bolt anchor that can be used to return the climber to the ground.

The rocks that produce good sport climb include limestone, quartzite and granite.

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