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Cricket is team bat-and-ball sport that originated in England.

There are eleven players each team and is played on a field. In the middle is a long strip called the pitch, at each end there is a wooden wicket. The bowler, from one team, bowls a hard leather ball from one wicket towards the other, which is guarded by a batter from the other team.

The ball usually bounces once before reaching the batter. In defence the wicket, the batter tries to hit the ball with a wooden bat.

Other members of the bowler's team stand in different locations around the field to get the ball if it’s hit and tries to stop the batter scoring runs.

The batter scores by running between the wickets, exchanging ends with a second batter, who is at the other end of the pitch.

Runs are also scored if the batter hits the ball to the boundary of the playing area. The team with the most runs is the winner.

Cricket was incorporated into the Asian Games in 2010.

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The game is thought to have begun as a diversion played by shepherds on sheep-grazing fields. One shepherd would defend one of the wicket-gates in a paddock fence (the reference to a "wicket" being suggestive here) from being hit by stones thrown by another shepherd, using his crook to try to hit the stones away.

In the last half of the 18th century, cricket was played by the aristocracy, who considered it a manly sport like shooting or fox hunting, and a good activity to bet on.

In London, the gentry played at White Conduit Fields in Islington. By 1787, the aristocracy had become annoyed with the crowds of commoners who gathered around the field to watch them play.

Thomas Lord, a bowler with the White Conduit Cricket Club, leased some land on Dorset Fields in Marylebone and established a private cricket ground, so gentleman could play without commoners gathering to observe.

Lord founded the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), which hosted its first match between Middlesex and Essex on 31 May, 1787.

In 1788, the MCC published a set of Laws of Cricket, the "laws" contained the 1st extensive codification of the rules of the game and the dimensions of the cricket pitch and equipment.

Other cricket clubs across England quickly adopted the MCC's Laws and cricket became standardized for the first time.

The MCC remains the official custodian of the Laws of Cricket to the present time, updating them with new or changed rules from time to time. In 1844, the first international cricket match was played.

Surprisingly to modern fans, it was played at the St George's Club in New York, between sides representing the USA and Canada. The match was for a wager of $1,000.

The Cricketer's Guide of 1858 noted that the 1844 match was originally considered to be between the Toronto and St George's clubs, and not until 1853 regarded as a game between two nations.

County cricket - matches played between sides representing the English counties - grew in popularity throughout the 19th century.

By the 1870s, the MCC decided that the next step was to establish international relations with the colonies, where cricket was becoming more popular as well.

In 1877 James Lilywhite organized a side and set off by ship for a tour of Australia Cricket will be played for the first time at the next Asian Games in Guangzhou in 2010.

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