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Judo meaning "gentle way” is a modern combat sport that originated in Japan.

Its most prominent feature is its competitive element, where the object is to throw one's opponent to the ground, immobilize or otherwise subdue one's opponent or force an opponent to submit by joint locking the elbow or by applying a choke.

Judo was first incorporated into the Asian Games in 1986.

List of disciplines

  • Judo

Judo developed from Jujitsu - the hand-to-hand combat technique of ancient samurai warriors. Its name, which means ‘the gentle way’ in Japanese, reflects its moral code of politeness, courage, sincerity, self-control, honour, modesty, friendship and respect.

The rules were laid down by Dr. Jigoro Kano, who opened the first Judo school in Japan in 1882.

More than a century later, Judo is now the most popular martial art in the world, with 13 million participants in 111 countries. Judo was an Asian Games event 1986 in Seoul, South Korea.

List of events

  • men

    1. 100KG

    2. +100KG

    3. 60KG

    4. 66KG

    5. 73KG

    6. 81KG

    7. 90KG

  • women

    1. 78KG

    2. +78 KG

    3. 48KG

    4. 52KG

    5. 57KG

    6. 63KG

    7. 70KG

  • mixed

    1. TEAM

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