Hangzhou 2023

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Weightlifting is a sport in which participants attempt to make a single lift of a maximum weight of a bar loaded with weight plates.

The two lifts currently competed are the clean and jerk and the snatch.

Weightlifting requires a combination of power, speed, technique, concentration and timing. Super heavyweight lifters normally claim the title of World’s Strongest Man or Woman.

However, kilo per kilo, the lightest weightlifter is often the strongest.

Weightlifting was first incorporated into the Asian Games in 1951.

List of disciplines

  • Weightlifting

Weightlifting is a test of pure strength – the oldest and most basic form of physical competition. Early ‘strongman’ contests developed into the modern sport of Weightlifting during the 19th century. Today, the world’s strongest men and women regularly lift more than three times their body weight. They need to combine power, speed, technique, concentration and timing. The aim of Weightlifting is simple – to lift more weight than anyone else. Competitors perform two types of lift – the ‘Snatch’ and the ‘Clean and Jerk’. In the snatch, the bar is lifted from the floor to above the head using one smooth movement. The ‘Clean and Jerk’ is a two-stage action – the bar is brought up to the shoulders before being ‘jerked’ over the head using arm and leg strength. In each case, it must be held at arm’s length above the head for at least two seconds. Lifters are allowed three attempts at every weight.

List of events

  • men

    1. 61KG

    2. 67KG

    3. 73KG

    4. 81KG

    5. 96KG

    6. 109KG

    7. +109KG

  • women

    1. 49KG

    2. 55KG

    3. 59KG

    4. 64KG

    5. 76KG

    6. 87KG

    7. +87KG

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