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Sailing is a water sport using a boat, sails, wind and water to increase, maintain or decrease speed.

By changing the rigging, rudder and dagger or centre board, a sailor manages the force of the wind on the sails in order to change the direction and speed.

This sport relies on the skill of the athlete and weather conditions.

Sailing was first incorporated into the Asian Games in 1970.

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  • Sailing

Sailing, previously known as Yachting, developed as a sport from an ancient means of transport over water. It is thought to have begun in the Netherlands, with the word ‘yacht’ based on the Dutch word ‘jaght’, meaning ‘light shipping or naval craft’.

The sport was brought to England by King Charles II, who discovered it during his exile in the Netherlands in the mid-16th century.

International competition started in 1851 when an American crew sailed across the Atlantic to take part in a race around the Isle of Wight.

The event was re-named the America’s Cup, which remains the most prestigious competition in Sailing today.

The sport of Sailing at the Olympic Games now includes windsurfing and yachts of all sizes and shapes.

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