Hangzhou 2023

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Ju-Jitsu is a generic term for an almost undefinable system of fighting, primarily unarmed, but in some instance using weapons. JuJitsu Techniques are including of punching, kicking, striking, throwing, holding, locking, choking and tying as well as the use of certain weapons. Ju-Jitsu does not rely on brute strength but upon skill and finesse.

It is the use of minimum effort to achieve maximum effect. Applying this principle enables anyone, regardless of physique or stature, to control and release their energy to its greatest potential.

Jujitsu was incorporated into the Asian Martial Arts Games in 2009.

List of disciplines

  • Ju-Jitsu

List of events

  • men

    1. -62KG

    2. -69KG

    3. -77KG

    4. -85KG

    5. -94KG

    6. -56KG

  • women

    1. -62KG

    2. -49KG

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