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Flag Football
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Flag Football

Flag Football

Flag football is a version of American football, but instead of tackling players to the ground, the defensive team tackles a player by pulling their flag or flag belt. The object of the game is to score touchdowns by advancing the ball up the field by running or throwing the ball, and crossing the end zone line.

Flag Football is a non-contact game that promotes skill development, cardio training and mental strategy. People can play recreationally in parks, as part of school intramural programs and on a more competitive level within organized leagues. Flag Football is a sport easily adapted any age, any ability and both males and females. It is one of the fastest growing sports being played in Canada with competition extending internationally.

Flag Football is:

Promotes "sport for life" opportunities!
Develops life skills through sport; such as cooperation, self discipline and sportsmanlike conduct, self-confidence and improves self-image!

One of the great advantages of Flag Football is that it can be played on any open field or gym. The play area can be simply and quickly laid out with small, rubber pylons. Indoor flag adopts the boundaries set by basketball. This usually ensures a safe distance between the lines and the wall.

Field Size for youth is typically 60x25 yards and 80x40 yards for adults.

List of disciplines

  • Beach Flag Football

BeachFlag football is a fast-paced game based on traditional American football in which participants wear flag belts that are pulled to end a play rather than tackling the player.  The sport features two teams of 4 to 8 players on a smaller playing field. 

Teams advance the football downfield by running or passing in attempt to score a touchdown.  Punting is utilized, but kickoffs and field goals are not traditionally part of a flag football game.  Among intramural sports, flag football is often one of the more popular offerings.

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