Da Nang 2016

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Wrestling is the act of physical interaction using strength between two people.

Each person attempts to gain an advantage over, or control of, the other.

Physical techniques used in wrestling are clinching, holding and locking. Wrestlers try and Avoid techniques likely to cause injury.

Many styles of wrestling are known all over the world and have long histories.

Wrestling has been made into various forms used for both sport and entertainment purposes.

Wrestling was first incorporated into the Asian Games in 1954.

List of disciplines

  • Beach Wrestling

Beach Wrestling was codified by the international federation for wrestling during the 2004 Congress in Athens in order to bring together all the different traditional wrestling styles practiced on sand and to make them more popular worldwide. It also aims at promoting the values of a fun, secure, accessible, and eco-friendly sport.

Beach Wrestling is practised in swimming suit within a sand circle of 7m and consists of very simple rules: to win the match, the wrestler needs to score three points by using these following actions: bring his opponent to the ground (1 point), push him out of the circle (1 point) or expose his opponent’s shoulders on the ground during a takedown (2 points).

Beach Wrestling was introduced to the programme of the first Youth Olympic Games that took place in Singapre in 2010 and Beach Wrestling will be part of the schedule during the next World Beach Games organised by SportAccord.

List of events

  • men

    1. 65KG

    2. 75KG

    3. +85KG

    4. 85KG

    5. -70KG

    6. -80KG

    7. +90KG

    8. -60KG

    9. -90KG

  • women

    1. -50KG

    2. -60KG

    3. +70KG

    4. -70KG


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