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Archery is where the athlete uses a bow that is drawn by hand and held, free of any mechanical device, to shoot arrows.

Archery has historically been used in hunting and combat and has become a precision sport. In completion there are a diverse range of targets which the athletes much hit with precision.

1. The range will be squared off and each distance accurately measured from a point vertically beneath the gold of each target face to the shooting line. The tolerance for field dimensions at 90/70/60 meters is ±30cm; at 50/40/30 meters ± 15cm. 

2. A waiting line will be marked at least five meters behind the shooting line. 

3. Each target butt will be set up at an angle of between about 10 degrees and about 15 degrees from the vertical, but a line of tar get butts will be set up all at the same angle.

4. The height of the centres of the gold in a line of target butts on the range should look straight at all times.

5. All athletes of a division or category will be accommodated on one range. The women’s portion of the range will be separated from the men’s by a clear lane at least five meters wide. For the Olympic Round there will be a central clear lane of approximately 10 meters.

6. Whenever possible provision will be made for sufficient target butts to have not more than three athletes per target. If the range does not permit this, four athletes will be the maximum number per target butt.

7. There will be a point marked on the shooting line directly opposite each target butt. There will also be a number corresponding to that target butt close to the shooting line. If two or more athletes are shooting at the same target butt at the same time the shooting positions will be marked on the shooting line. A minimum space of 80cm per athlete will be guaranteed. Where athletes in wheelchair are competing, additional space will be necessary.

8. There will be lines extending at right angles from the shooting line to the target line. These will make lanes to contain one, two or three butts.

9. A 3-meter line will be marked in front of the shooting line.

Archery was first incorporated into the Asian Games in 1978 and the Asian Indoor Games in 2009.

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