Laos People's Democratic Republic

Laos’s history can be traced from the fourteenth century to the Kingdom of Lan Xang or Land of a Million Elephants. 

The capital city is Vientiane. Laos offers a unique perspective of the traditional way of life in Southeast Asia.

It has beautifully preserved culture and boasts of lush jungles, winding rivers and the Plain of Jars archaeological site, a World Heritage site.

Other tourist attractions include the capital city Vientiane, Buddhist monasteries, bustling markets, Pha That Luang the most revered national monument, Khone Phapheng waterfall and the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

About Laos People's Democratic Republic

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236,800 km²
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National Olympic Committee

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National Olympic Committee of Lao
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Chao Anouvong Stadium, Khounbourom Road, Vientiane


The common sports in Laos are football, volleyball, Sepak Takraw (locally known as Te Ka Tor), boxing, Petanque, shooting, and golf.

Many young people also take part in billiards, snooker, badminton, cycling, tennis, table tennis and team games like basketball while others are becoming professionals in athletics, archery, judo, karate, taekwondo, weightlifting, wrestling and wushu.



According to tradition there are three seasons rainy, cold and hot.

Laos has a tropical monsoon climate, with a pronounced rainy season from May through October, a cool dry season from November through February, and a hot dry season in March and April.

Generally, monsoons occur at the same time across the country, although that time may vary significantly from one year to the next. Rainfall also varies regionally but is not always adequate for rice cultivation.

Such droughts are often regional, leaving production in other parts of the country unaffected.

Temperatures range from highs around 40°C to lows of 5°C or less depending on location.


Theravada Buddhism is a dominant influence in Lao culture.

It is reflected throughout the country from language to the temple and in the countries art work. Laotian music is dominated by its national instrument, the khaen, a type of bamboo pipe that has prehistoric origins.

There are many traditions and rituals associated with rice production.

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