Jordan fencers back in the cut and thrust of things

© Jordan NOC
© Jordan NOC

Amman, Jordan, July 19, 2020: Jordan’s fencers are back in training as a group at the Al Hussein Youth City for the first time since they were forced to stop in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fencers in all age groups using all weapons resumed joint training last week under the supervision of national coaches Audeh Al Fauri, Anas Al Kayed, Hassan Al Qaneh, Bashar Abu Asi and Ali Abub Zem, as well as fitness coach Mohammed Jawhar.

Fencers have been doing their best to stay in shape during the lockdown, but the coaching team said it was good to have them back.

“We trained over Zoom, with coaches following the fencers' progress at home,” said Hakim Al Khaldi, board member of the Jordan Fencing Federation.

“But now we are back in training together at the federation with an emphasis on ensuring everyone involved is safe and following the new procedures in place, including limiting group numbers,” he added.

Earlier this month more than 750 athletes from national sports teams underwent COVID-19 tests.

The federation has started re-scheduling the local championships and is keeping in contact with the Asian and international bodies in regards to the overseas calendar.