Sri Lanka rugby chief calls for sport’s inclusion at next South Asian Games

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© Daily News

Colombo, Sri Lanka, July 15, 2020: Sri Lanka’s rugby chief Lasitha Guneratne has requested Pakistan to include rugby sevens at the next South Asian Games.

“We kindly urge the Ambassador of Pakistan to help us to include rugby at the next South Asian Games to be held in Pakistan next year,” was the request made by Guneratne, President of Sri Lanka Rugby, to Muhammad Saad Khattak, Ambassador of Pakistan to Sri Lanka, on Tuesday, July 14.

The request was made at a Sri Lanka Rugby-hosted ceremony to accept rugby gear from the Pakistan-Sri Lanka Friendship Society.

Guneratne thanked the Ambassador and the Pakistan Government for giving a helping hand.

“We know that Pakistan as a country has contributed immensely not only for sports but also in various other circumstances including the three-decade civil war. While making the request to include rugby at the next South Asian Games, we in return would also like to support Pakistan and help develop the game there,” Guneratne said.

Sri Lanka has a rugby history of over 140 years and are among the top tier in Asia, especially in sevens.

Ambassador Khattak said: “Sri Lanka is a beautiful country and the people are so kind. This is a small token for the love and respect for the people of this country. This gear wouldn’t be sufficient for all the rugby players here. But it is a gesture on our part to remain connected to our brothers and sisters here.”

Source: Daily News