Iran NOC inaugurates hall of fame

Iran NOC inaugurates hall of fame

Tehran, Iran, July 1, 2020: The Iranian Sports Hall of Fame was inaugurated in the presence of the Minister of Sports and Youth and the Minister of Tourism along with the Mayor of Tehran and other top-ranking sports officials.

The National Olympic Committee of the Islamic Republic of Iran hosted guests from various sections of the country in inaugurating the Hall of Fame at the National Sport, Olympic and Paralympic Museum.

Appreciating the champions, Olympians, officials and all invitees, NOC President Dr. Seyed Reza Salehi Amiri said the Hall of Fame was not only for collecting memorabilia and historic items but also for the new generation to connect with the past and see the athletes who had brought honour and dignity to the country.

“The philosophy behind the Iranian Sports Hall of Fame is to prevent a cultural break from the past, which is a concern today, and the fact that the new generation must recognise the achievements in our history,” added President Salehi Amiri. 

“Another key point about the Sports Museum and the Hall of Fame is to link the past with the present in society.”

Thanking the media for their support and interest in the project, Dr. Salehi Amiri expressed hope that, by next year, over 68 busts of Iranian sports champions and Olympians will be inaugurated.

Six busts of Iranian Olympians were inaugurated in their presence.