SEARADO profiles anti-doping inspirations

SEARADO profiles anti-doping inspirations

Singapore, June 30, 2020: In order to promote anti-doping with a more personal touch, the Southeast Asia RADO (Regional Anti-Doping Organisation) is turning the attention on people working tirelessly behind the scenes.

Using the Southeast Asia RADO Facebook account (@SouthEastAsiaRADO), the regional anti-doping organisation introduces key personnel in the global fight to protect the clean athletes and to guarantee a level playing field for all.

SEARADO’s personality highlight for the month is Ms. Nazima Kassim, who worked with the Anti-Doping Agency of Malaysia (ADAMAS) for close to 10 years. During this period she covered various portfolios with testing being the main one.

“With the good ground experience and qualities needed, she was chosen to undergo the SEARADO DCO (Doping Control Officers) Trainers programme,” writes SEARADO.

“Together with her other Trainers she was responsible for conducting DCO courses in the region. Having garnered the experience she was selected to serve as an International Doping Control Officer (IDCO) for a couple of major events, including the 2012 London Olympics, and playing a key role in the last two SEA Games.”

When asked what keeps her going in anti-doping, Nazima replied: “The fight against doping is everyone’s role. My ultimate reason is to protect and support the clean athletes.”