Palestine taekwondo launches 10-second challenge

Palestine taekwondo launches 10-second challenge

Ramallah, Palestine, May 12, 2020: The Palestinian Taekwondo Federation has launched an open international challenge - a 10-second video recording of the best moves of the fiery Olympic martial art, reports the Palestine Olympic Committee.

The competition will run from May 15 to May 20 and 12 countries will take part: Palestine, Jordan, Yemen, UAE, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Bulgaria, Sweden, Indonesia, Romania and Saudi Arabia.

The competition is being organised in line with the stay-at-home restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic and to keep the athletes in good spirits, active and with sporting goals.

The 10-second performances will be evaluated by six international judges from Palestine, Jordan and Egypt.

The Palestinian Taekwondo Federation organised a home video tournament last month and it was a remarkable success with the wide participation from clubs at home and overseas and with athletes of all ages.