Basketball Thailand producing 4 million masks to fight pandemic

Basketball Thailand producing 4 million masks to fight pandemic

Bangkok, Thailand, April 15, 2020: Basketball Sport Association of Thailand (BSAT) President Nipondh Chawalitmontien has been lending a helping hand in the fight against COVID-19 .

Aside from his position as BSAT President, Chawalitmontien is also the Finance Director of Hi-Tech Apparel - a manufacturer and exporter of garments, including sports apparel. 

In cooperation with the government and private sectors, Chawalitmontien has devoted a number of manufacturing lines at the Hi-Tech Apparel factory for the mass production of hygienic masks.

"COVID-19 is a major worldwide issue that none of us have ever faced before in our lives," Chawalitmontien said. "We have to help each other.

"I'm not a doctor. I don't have a hospital. What I have is a factory that can manufacture clothing, and that's what I can do to help."

The plan aims to produce at least 4 million masks over two months to be distributed to those in need. Through the channels of BSAT, masks were distributed to the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT), Ministry of Tourism and Sports and Bangkok City, as well as the member clubs of BSAT across the entire country and affiliated basketball organisations such as academies, school programmes and public courts.

"Our masks are reusable and washable, which is enough for regular citizens," Chawalitmontien added. "With N95 masks and single-use hygienic masks in limited stock, they should be reserved for those in the medical industry working in the frontline.”