DPR Korea NOC announces cancellation of 2020 Pyongyang Marathon

DPR Korea NOC announces cancellation of 2020 Pyongyang Marathon

Pyongyang, DPR Korea, February 21, 2020: The National Olympic Committee of DPR Korea, in association with the DPRK Amateur Athletics Association and Koryo Tours, confirmed on Friday that the 2020 Mangyongdae Prize International Marathon - also known as the Pyongyang Marathon - has been cancelled due to the ongoing closure of the DPRK border and COVID-19 virus situation in the region.

“The marathon organisers wish to convey their gratitude to all the participants who had signed up for the 2020 Pyongyang Marathon for their patience and understanding during this difficult time,” said a statement.

“The next edition of the Pyongyang Marathon will be in April 2021 with the date to be confirmed shortly. The organisers hope to - and look forward to - seeing everyone at the 2021 event in Pyongyang,” added the statement.

The Pyongyang Marathon Facebook account asks people who have entered the marathon to contact their travel company for further information. 

The race was scheduled for Sunday, April 12, with distances of full marathon, half marathon, 10km and 5km and finishing at the Kim Il Sung Stadium.