Hangzhou introduces stamps for 19th Asian Games

Hangzhou introduces stamps for 19th Asian Games

Hangzhou, China, August 30, 2023: Of all the Asian Games merchandise and memorabilia available in Hangzhou in the coming weeks, there is no doubt which will be the most popular – the official stamps.

Commemorative stamps at any major sports event, or any special occasion, always sell like hot cakes – and the 19th Asian Games will be no exception.

China Post has already revealed the design of the stamps for the Asian Games - and also the post cards for the Asian Para Games to follow – and will issue the stamps on September 23, the day of the opening ceremony.

The two stamps, with the serial number 2023-19, feature the emblem and mascot of the Asian Games, complemented by the core graphic element "润泽" (Meeting the World).

The stamps are created using high-line intaglio printing with multi-colour overprinting to enhance colour saturation. The unique tooth profile depicts the shape of "Three Pools Mirroring the Moon", the iconic landscape of West Lake in Hangzhou.

The stamps also employ fluorescent ink anti-counterfeiting technology, revealing several orange-coloured local landmarks under ultraviolet light.

China Post also issued a "4th Asian Para Games Hangzhou" commemorative postal card, numbered JP276. The postal card features the emblem of the Hangzhou Asian Para Games, with the main focus on the name of the event and its mascot "Feifei", surrounded by the silhouette of Hangzhou.

Issuing sports-themed postage stamps is a tradition observed during various international major sporting events. It serves as an important means of promoting the event and reaching the wider public.

Source: ehangzhou.gov.cn