Asian Games-themed movie ‘One and Only’ sets the scene for breaking debut at Hangzhou

Asian Games-themed movie ‘One and Only’ sets the scene for breaking debut at Hangzhou

Hangzhou, China, August 15, 2023: A new movie is setting the scene for the new Asian Games sport of break dancing, or breaking, at this year’s Asian Games in Hangzhou.

The movie is called “One and Only” and captures the high-energy levels and spectacular performances of breaking.

The Hangzhou Asian Games Organising Committee (HAGOC) has exclusively authorised Ruyi Films (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. to shoot the Asian Games-themed film “One and Only”. 

As an Asian Games-themed movie, “One and Only” was shot in Hangzhou in its entirety. With the Hangzhou Asian Games as the background and the new sport of breaking as the theme, it was directed by Dapeng, written by Su Biao and Dapeng. Chen Zhixi served as the chief producer. 

Starring Huang Bo and Wang Yibo, the film tells the story of Chen Shuo (played by Wang Yibo), a young dancer with passion and in pursuit of a dream. Under the guidance of Ding Lei, a street dance veteran and coach (played by Huang Bo), he overcomes many obstacles and shines on the stage he loves. 

By creating a breaking-themed Asian Games movie with Hangzhou characteristics, the general public can feel the charm of the Asian Games and the beauty of the city inside and outside the stadium. 

“One and Only” is currently being screened as the closing film of the 25th Shanghai International Film Festival. 

When “One and Only” was first screened to the audience, the response was enthusiastic. As of August 7, the overall box office exceeded 700 million Yuan (almost 100 million USD) in its first nine days. 

The rating of the Chinese online database and social networking service Douban is 7.3 points, which is better than 88 per cent of comedy movies.

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