ITTF chief Weikert becomes first IF President to visit Maldives NOC

© Maldives Olympic Committee/Facebook
© Maldives Olympic Committee/Facebook

Male, Maldives, January 29, 2020: Thomas Weikert, the President of the International Table Tennis Federation, paid a visit to the Maldives Olympic Committee last week.

During the meeting, Maldives Olympic Committee Secretary General Ahmed Marzooq thanked the ITTF chief for taking a personal interest in developing table tennis in the Maldives.

It was the first visit by a President of an International Federation to the Maldives Olympic Committee. Weikert was accompanied by the President of the Table Tennis Association of the Maldives, Ali Rasheed, and executive board member Ibrahim Shiury.

Marzooq underlined the importance of the ITTF’s assistance and said it would “highly benefit” the progress of the sport in the Maldives. Marzooq also congratulated the local table tennis association on their recent achievements – the Maldives women’s team won the bronze medal at the South Asian Games in Kathmandu and Pokhara, Nepal, last December.

Weikert was encouraged by the enthusiasm for table tennis and the work the local table tennis association has done in promoting the sport.