Palestine NOC President Gen. Jibril Rajoub calls for national sports vision

© Palestine Olympic Committee
© Palestine Olympic Committee

Ramallah, Palestine, April 10, 2023: The President of the Palestine Olympic Committee, Gen. Jibril Rajoub, has called for a strategic national vision to boost the development and inclusiveness of the Palestinian sports community.

Gen. Rajoub made this announcement during the keynote speech at the 12th General Assembly of the Palestine Olympic Committee on Saturday, April 8.

The POC President stressed the need for Palestine sports to stay away from political and geographical disputes, and called for the implementation of a unified development policy that includes all Palestinians in the northern and southern provinces, as well as Jerusalem and the diaspora.

Gen Rajoub said it was crucial that sports federations were established in compliance with international regulations and laws. He also urged that sports federations headquarters be created in all regions of the country.

The support received from the Olympic Council of Asia and the IOC’s Olympic Solidarity was also highlighted by Gen. Rajoub, who also lauded the backing from Palestine’s Higher Council for Youth and Sports as well as private sector sponsorship.

He noted that these investments were geared towards the development of individual and team sports, national teams and building a production line of competitive athletes capable of achieving excellence.

In closing, Gen. Rajoub stressed the significance of retaining membership in international, continental, regional and Arab sports communities.