Uzbekistan NOC looks at Chinese collaboration for 2025 AYG in Tashkent

© Uzbekistan NOC
© Uzbekistan NOC

Tashkent, Uzbekistan, March 27, 2023: The Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan, Oybek Kasimov, welcomed two representatives from CNSG Sports Development Co. Ltd. (China) for talks focusing on the 3rd Asian Youth Games in Tashkent in 2025.

Sun Bodong and Zhang Bo visited the Uzbekistan NOC Headquarters on Saturday, March 25, and the ensuing discussions centred on establishing a relationship for the benefit of the Asian Youth Games.

The Chinese investment company, which is mainly involved in the promotion of sports and sports-related projects in China, offered its services to the Organising Committee of the Tashkent AYG in various areas, particularly the organisation and holding of the multi-sport competition.

According to the two representatives, the company has actively participated in all major competitions held in China in the past 15 years in areas such as construction and assembly, organisational work and logistics.

In return, the Uzbek NOC Secretary General expressed his gratitude for the offer and informed his visitors that the experience of the Chinese company would be studied and, based on this, an offer would be submitted.