MMA to feature 12 medal events at AIMAG

© OCA /Getty Images
© OCA /Getty Images

Bangkok, Thailand, March 13, 2023: Mixed Martial Arts will pack a punch at the 6th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games (AIMAG) in Bangkok and Chonburi province later this year after being accepted at the OCA Coordination Committee meeting on Monday, March 13.

Olympic Council of Asia Director General Husain Al Musallam, who chaired the second meeting of the Coordination Committee in the Thai capital, welcomed the inclusion of Mixed Martial Arts saying it would add value to the AIMAG.

“Mixed Martial Arts will be a medal event at the AIMAG, taking the number of medal sports to 36. We believe it will be a popular sport with Thai fans, just like Muay Thai and other martial arts sports will be,” Mr. Al Musallam noted.

Mixed Martial Arts made a last-minute request to be included at the AIMAG in December last year. The Organising Committee, with the approval of the OCA, had no qualms in accepting the all-action sport as the widespread belief is that it will prove a popular hit among the Thai public.

There will be 12 events in MMA, six for men and six for women, at the 6th AIMAG from November 17-26. MMA is an extreme combat sport where fighting techniques of wrestling and boxing, and those of kickboxing, judo and karate, are used. 

“I’m very happy that MMA will be at these Games. The sport is proving to be widely popular and, as far as logistics is concerned, it will not be a problem as the sport does not need any extra facilities. It can share the same venues like wrestling, boxing and jiu-jitsu which are already part of the competition schedule,” said David Thong, Director General of the Asian Mixed Martial Arts Association.

“MMA will add great value to the AIMAG and I believe it will give the host country an edge during competition because Muay Thai is already a popular sport in this country,” Thong added.