Palestine to introduce wushu/kung fu in schools

Palestine to introduce wushu/kung fu in schools

Jerusalem, Palestine, February 15, 2023: The Palestinian Wushu Kung Fu Federation is attempting to grow the sport in schools and identify new talent.

The Palestine Olympic Committee reports that the wushu kung fu federation held a meeting with the schools’ athletic federation to discuss the possibility of jointly organising a wushu kung fu competition in schools.

The meeting was attended by senior executives of the wushu kung fu federation, led by Tariq Khalifa, and government representatives from the Ministry of Education and related branches such as the sports activity supervisors.

During the meeting, it was discussed to include the Wushu Kung Fu School Championship on the school sports agenda with the participation of 250 players, girls and boys, from various schools. Qualifying competitions will be held once all the logistical, technical and administrative matters have been confirmed.

The Ministry of Education praised the efforts and initiative of the wushu kung fu federation in attracting school students to the sport and said it would provide a platform to discover emerging talent, as this had proved beneficial in the past at events like the Schools Olympic Week.

The schools’ competition will be refereed by teachers who have passed the required training course.

Source: Palestine Olympic Committee