Sri Lanka NOC urges input for 2023-2028 strategic plan

© Sri Lanka NOC
© Sri Lanka NOC

Colombo, Sri Lanka, January 24, 2023: The National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka has called on all its stakeholders to contribute towards framing a Strategic Plan for sport in the country looking ahead to the next five years.

Sri Lanka NOC is in the process of formulating a development plan – NOC Sri Lanka Strategic Plan, 2023-2028 – over the next four months, and on Monday urged all parties to send in their ideas.

“If you are one of our stakeholders, your ideas are highly welcome to shape this process and the results,” Sri Lanka NOC said in a statement. 

“The plan will reflect the NOC’s commitment to its mission to develop, promote and protect the Olympic Movement in Sri Lanka in accordance with the Olympic Charter.”

The Strategic Plan will revolve around the NOC’s programmes and services for the next five years, and the NOC urged all federations and associations to get involved in the process.

“This is an exciting time to envision NOC Sri Lanka in the future. There will be opportunities to offer feedback both online and in person at events planned and aligned with the process,” the NOC added.