Hong Kong, China NOC unanimously re-elects Timothy Fok as President

Hong Kong, China NOC unanimously re-elects Timothy Fok as President

Hong Kong, China, December 15, 2022: The Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China held its Annual General Meeting at the Jockey Club Lecture Theatre of Olympic House on Wednesday, December 14.

The AGM was to elect eight officers: President, four Vice Presidents, Honorary Secretary General, Honorary Deputy Secretary General and Honorary Treasurer. These officers have a term of four years with immediate effect until the conclusion of the 2026 AGM.

The election results with votes are as follows:

President: Mr. Timothy Fok (54/54)

Four Vice Presidents (in order of seniority): Dr. Karl C. Kwok (54/54), Dr. Brian Stevenson (54/54), Mr. Tong Wai Lun (54/54), Mr. Ronnie Wong (54/54)

Honorary Secretary General: Mr. Edgar J. T. Yang (54/54)

Honorary Deputy Secretary General: Mr. Wong Po Kee (54/54)

Honorary Treasurer: Mr. Derrick Wong (54/54)

The Federation declared that the above candidates were elected through receiving simple majority votes. The election was concluded successfully in an open and fair manner. 

The Federation is satisfied with the overall electoral arrangements and would like to express special thanks to the Election Committee for providing professional advice and overseeing the nomination and election process.

During the meeting, the following Special Resolutions have been passed:

*Approval of Membership Status Upgrade of the Hong Kong Golf Association Limited from Associate Member to Association Ordinary Member with effect from 15 December 2022,

*Conferment of Observer status to Hong Kong Chess Federation Limited with effect from 15 December 2022.

Timothy Fok is Olympic Council of Asia Vice President for East Asia.

Issued by: The Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China. Date: 14 December 2022