Iran NOC President Mahmoud Khosravi Vafa receives Asian Paralympic golden badge

© Iran NOC
© Iran NOC

Tehran, Iran, October 20, 2022: The President of the Iran National Olympic Committee, Mahmoud Khosravi Vafa, has received the golden badge from the Asian Paralympic Committee on Monday, October 17.

APC President Majid Rashed, who was in Tehran for the 15th National Paralympic Day of Iran, visited the Iran Ministry of Sport and Youth where he presented the golden badge to Khosravi Vafa.

The golden badge was presented to the Iranian NOC president for his valuable services to Paralympic athletes and the sports field over several decades. Khosravi Vafa is also the long-standing President of the Iran National Paralympic Committee.

Meanwhile, the National Paralympic Day is dedicated to children and people with disabilities and more than 60,000 participants representing 31 provinces in the country took part in the celebrations at the Azadi Indoor Stadium on Sunday, October 16.

APC President Rashed said: “To have such a longstanding event, celebrating the achievements of people with impairment is a testament to the fine work being done by Iran’s National Paralympic Committee.

They have been held as a beacon of best practice right across our region, with many NPCs using them as an inspiration to hold similar events.”