Oman Olympic Academy holds three-day Esports seminar

© Oman Olympic Academy
© Oman Olympic Academy

Muscat, Oman, September 20, 2022: A three-day seminar ‘Esports, Future Sports’ organised by the Oman Olympic Academy in collaboration with the Oman Esports Committee got underway on Tuesday, September 20.

A total of 27 participants from the Oman Olympic Committee, national sports federations and associations, as well as sports clubs are taking part in the seminar which will be conducted by Asma al Yahya, a member of the Oman Esports Committee and a member of the Women’s Committee of the Arab Federation of Esports.

The course aims to raise cultural awareness about Esports, introduce the participants to the eGames industry, as well as educate participants about the psychological factors and risks associated with the sport and how to deal with it.

The seminar will also include both theory and practical lessons looking at the history and concept of Esports, and will take an in-depth look by drawing on the professional experiences of a player.