OCA Gender Equity Committee plans for upcoming seminar in Bahrain

Sheikha Hayat bint Abdulaziz Al Khalifa.
Sheikha Hayat bint Abdulaziz Al Khalifa.

Manama, Bahrain, September 10, 2022: The Chair of the Olympic Council of Asia Gender Equity Committee, Sheikha Hayat bint Abdulaziz Al Khalifa, conducted an online meeting on Saturday.

One of the main points of discussion was the upcoming OCA Gender Equity Seminar, which will take place in Bahrain on October 30-31.

Committee members heard an update on the progress of planning and preparation and also on the participation of National Olympic Committees approaching the registration deadline of September 15.

“OCA is working hard to achieve gender equality in Asia in line with the International Olympic Committee strategic roadmap,” said Sheikha Hayat.

“OCA is also working hard to achieve shared goals to activate and support Gender Equity Committees among Asian National Olympic Committees, from implementing regional activities to engaging men and women to work on this priority agenda to involve more women in the decision-making process.

“Gender equality is the responsibility of a society, men and women, all of them, for development; it is not the responsibility of women only.”

Sheikha Hayat said that the upcoming Gender Equity Seminar would support this “crucial target” and add value for women in sport; she also hoped for the full participation of all 45 NOCs.

The OCA seminar is being held in cooperation with the IOC and Bahrain Olympic Committee, and the OCA has invited the Secretary General of each NOC along with the head of the women in sport mission in each NOC in order to involve the leaders and decision-makers.

The three main topics of the seminar are: women’s participation and representation in all aspects and fields; introducing best practices to enhance gender equality; and introducing grassroots strategies.

Tony Tarraf, OCA Head of Athletes Development Department and Special Projects, provided members with details of an OCA continental programme under Olympic Solidarity focusing on women’s engagement and empowerment. 

There is an annual budget of USD100,000, with a maximum amount of USD 10,000 available for NOCs wishing to hold their own activity. Several NOCs have already taken advantage of this fund, or are planning events, including Mongolia, Palestine, Bahrain, Bhutan, Cambodia and the United Arab Emirates.

The meeting concluded with Sheikha Hayat outlining the importance of data collection from NOCs to plan a strategy and roadmap and also to receive regular periodical reports on activities and progress.