Iran NOC backs Olympic Solidarity coaching development project for women’s rowing

© Iran NOC
© Iran NOC

Tehran, Iran, August 24, 2022: In a bid to boost women’s rowing in the country, the National Olympic Committee of the Islamic Republic of Iran has embarked on a coaching development project under the auspices of Olympic Solidarity.

The first coordination meeting of the development programme got underway last week following approval from the International Olympic Committee’s Olympic Solidarity scheme.

The project proposal to the IOC was sent by the President of the Iranian Rowing Federation, Ali Reza Sohrabian, with the support of the President of Iran NOC, Dr. Seyed Reza Salehi Amiri.

The project will continue in phases until December 2022 and will place emphasis on the empowerment of female coaches and recruiting women athletes. The development project will focus on three key areas: talent identification, coach training and regional rowing competitions.

The first phase got underway last week with nine trainers from eight provinces participating in a six-day training camp.

Mrs. Solmaz Abbasi Azad, a visiting lecturer from the UK, and Mrs. Katayoun Ashraf, Vice-President of the Iranian Rowing Federation, are in charge of the development project.