Sri Lanka NOC plots future of Crysbro Next Champ athlete Nethmi Ahinsa

© Sri Lanka NOC
© Sri Lanka NOC

Colombo, Sri Lanka, August 14, 2022: The National Olympic Committee of Sri Lanka met on Saturday, August 13 to talk about the long-term plans of teenage wrestler Nethmi Ahinsa, who won a bronze medal at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Ahinsa, 18, is one of the first products of the Crysbro Next Champ plan run in collaboration with the Sri Lanka NOC, and her outstanding performance was hailed as a result of the support she received from this programme.

In a statement, the Sri Lanka NOC said the Crysbro Next Champ programme, which started in 2020 with sponsorship given to 20 children from remote areas in the country, was “a great opportunity to showcase young talent”.

NOC Secretary General Maxwell de Silva, who chaired the meeting on Saturday, congratulated Ahinsa for her medal-winning performance in the 57kg freestyle wrestling event, and then discussed her future coaching as well as mapping out a competition schedule.

Ahinsa was accompanied by her parents at the meeting held at the Sri Lanka NOC headquarters in Colombo.