Iran NOC delivers 'board of honour' to Olympians

Iran NOC delivers 'board of honour' to Olympians

Tehran, Iran, January 7, 2020: The National Olympic Committee of the Islamic Republic of Iran reports that NOC directors and officials visited the homes of former champions and Iranian Olympians in different Olympic Games to make a special award.

The visit, which happened at the end of December, was to present them with a “Board of Honour” to congratulate them on their achievements and performance and to celebrate their success. The boards were put up at the entrance of their homes as a mark of respect.

In order to accomplish the initiative of the NOC President, the Director of the National Sport, Olympic and Paralympic Museum, Mr. Hassan Rangraz, met the Olympians and medalists in six different cities.

NOC Public Relations Director Mr. Abdollahi, NOC Advisor Dr. Montaghami and former wrestling champion Mr. Behdad Salimi accompanied the Museum Director on his visits.

It is also planned to build a statue of the Olympians in a park near their homes to glorify their achievements in the near future.