SF&OC President Timothy Fok guides sports associations in corporate governance review

SF&OC President Timothy Fok. © China Daily
SF&OC President Timothy Fok. © China Daily

Hong Kong, China, June 8, 2022: The Sports Federation and Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China has provided an update on the progress of its Corporate Governance Team.

The team began its corporate governance review of National Sports Associations and Sports Organisations affiliated to the SF&OC in December 2020.

Up until the end of March 2022, the team has completed reviewing a total of 44 NSAs/SOs representing over 50 per cent of the target.

“NSAs and SOs were cooperative in offering relevant documents and information to make the review comprehensive. Apart from checking documents of NSAs/SOs, the Corporate Governance Team met with their representatives to understand more on their actual running and corporate governance level,” the SF&OC said in a statement released on June 7.

In the same period, the Independent Steering Committee convened five meetings to supervise the working direction of the CG Team from a strategic perspective and to monitor CG Review progress, make recommendations and endorse review reports. 

Furthermore, to closely monitor the progress of the CG Team, 17 monthly meetings chaired by the Honorary Secretary General with three Honorary Deputy Secretaries General of SF&OC were held. The progress of CG Review was also reported at every SF&OC Board of Directors Meeting.

In order to solicit support and cooperation from NSAs/SOs to the CG Review, SF&OC President Timothy Fok met with representatives of 43 NSAs/SOs on four occasions to explain the aims and work procedures related to the CG Review.

According to the schedule, CG Team will complete reviews of all NSAs/SOs by the third quarter of 2023. A review report with analysis and findings on the governance level of NSAs/SOs and recommendations on feasible/practicable solutions will be compiled and submitted to the government for their consideration.