Sri Lanka’s 400m hurdles champion Kaushalya Madushani found dead at home


Colombo, Sri Lanka, April 25, 2022: Sri Lanka’s national 400m hurdles champion, Kaushalya Madushani, passed away on Sunday, April 24.

Madushani, 27, was found dead in her home in Dummalasuriya, a village 62 kilometres north of the capital Colombo. There was no official statement on the cause of death but it is understood there are no suspicions circumstances.

Sri Lanka Athletics posted “our deepest condolences” on its Facebook page. Another website, Ceylon Athletics, posted "Rest in Peace Kaushalya Madushani' with images of her. There were also widespread messages of commiserations from the public.

A fortnight ago Madushani won the women’s 400m hurdles title in a time of 58.76 seconds at the 100th National Athletics Championships.

In 2019, she won a gold medal and a silver medal at the South Asian Games in Kathmandu.