Maldives Olympic Committee holds workshop on safeguarding child athletes

© Maldives Olympic Committee
© Maldives Olympic Committee

Male, Maldives, April 11, 2022: The Maldives Olympic Committee in partnership with Advocating the Rights of Children (ARC) held a two-day workshop among athletes on Child Safeguarding Policy last weekend.

A two-hour workshop took place on Saturday, April 9 to create awareness among athletes on the Child Safeguarding Policy currently being developed and to receive their input on the strategy. Athletes from nine sports attended: badminton, basketball, carrom, chess, handball, netball, swimming, table tennis and tennis.

The policy will provide protection to child athletes participating at Games, tournaments, events and programmes from abuse, neglect and harm. It will also help create a positive environment for all child athletes taking part in Maldives Olympic Committee events whether they participate as athletes, spectators or represent any other role.

On Sunday, April 10, the first Working Group meeting of the Child Safeguarding Policy was held at the MOC office. The purpose of this introductory meeting was to share information that had been gathered from the National Sports Associations towards developing a plan that will be applicable to all associations.

During the meeting, members of the Working Group provided feedback by relying on their experience in the field. Also discussed was a plan on how to move forward with the inauguration and formal implementation of the policy.