Shantou AYG to learn from Beijing 2022 success

Shantou AYG to learn from Beijing 2022 success

Shantou, China, March 24, 2022: The Shantou 2021 Asian Youth Games Organising Committee is learning from the “simple, safe and splendid” success of the Beijing Winter Olympics last month as they prepare for the OCA’s 3rd AYG this December 20-28.

In their quarterly review on the progress made in the countdown to the AYG, Shantou organisers say that, by learning from Beijing’s practical Games-hosting experience in February, “we are now going all out to make adequate preparations for the Shantou 2021 Asian Youth Games”.

Here are the key points:

*Construction of the venues and Athletes’ Village has been completed. Organisers are now upgrading the internal sports facilities and improving venue operation plans to ensure that all design standards will be met. They have also accelerated construction of the information networks by building four information systems - Games Results System (GRS), Games Management System (GMS), Games Support System (GSS) and Public Service System.

*Sport-related preparations are under way thanks to close cooperation with the OCA and National Olympic Committees. The age limit set for athletes in 21 sports/disciplines has been jointly approved by the OCA and relevant International Federations/Asian Federations. In addition, organisers have distributed the Sport Entry Guide to participating NOCs and kicked off the Entry by Number process on February 20. Focus now is on refining the sports equipment work plan, the general competition schedule and relevant sport-specific technical handbooks.

*Cultural programmes are well orchestrated. With the creative schemes for the Opening and Closing Ceremony taking shape, organisers have unveiled the creative team and formed a preliminary operation team. In addition, they are making extra efforts to optimise the work plans for numerous Games activities such as the Torch Relay and Culture & Education Programme (CEP). The AYG sports pictograms have been released and a campaign is under way for musical works.

*Publicity campaigns are in full swing. Milestones include the New Year, Spring Festival, Lantern Festival and the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. Promotional films, short videos and posters about the Year of the Tiger and Shantou 2021 AYG have attracted widespread attention. The first issue of the NOC Bulletin has been published and organisers have also advanced media operations and information services, stepped up the services for the host broadcaster and formulated the media services manual and Venue Media Centre (VMC) operation manual. A new round of volunteer recruitment will begin soon along with relevant professional training programmes. 

*Marketing campaigns are building up momentum. This includes brand cooperation projects and publicity campaigns to raise brand awareness and the reputation of Games sponsors. They have also established an AYG philanthropic platform and launched marketing campaigns for licensed products to raise more public attention to the Games.

*Continuous efforts are made to improve Games services. Epidemic prevention and control will always remain a top priority. Based on the relevant policies and practical experience of Beijing 2022, organisers are formulating related work plans and manuals so as to refine the epidemic prevention and control measures. 

“In addition, we have been making continuous efforts to improve the urban environment so that we will be able to present a clean, elegant, civilised and harmonious Shantou to the world during Games time,” the organisers said in the progress report.

“We will keep advancing the preparations for the Games as planned under the guidance of the OCA and with the support of the Chinese central government, the Chinese Olympic Committee (COC) and other stakeholders. We will spare no effort to stage a cultural and sports extravaganza imbued with Chinese style, Guangdong glamour and Shantou flavour.”