Hangzhou Asian Games will unite sport and culture, says Vice Mayor Chen

Hangzhou Asian Games will unite sport and culture, says Vice Mayor Chen

Hangzhou, China, January 19, 2022: The Asian Games is about much more than sport. It is a chance to display and promote the rich culture and history of the host city, region and country and to involve the local people in Asian Games activities alongside the athletes and officials from the five zones of the Olympic Council of Asia.

The 19th Asian Games, which will take place in Hangzhou, China, this September will be no exception.

The Vice Mayor of Hangzhou and Deputy Secretary General of the organising committee HAGOC, Chen Weiqiang, said: “As an indispensable part of major sports events, cultural activities help create a vibrant, high-quality atmosphere and have nowadays become highlights of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

“By holding different Asian Games-themed activities, HAGOC will showcase Asia’s wonderful and diverse civilizations and China’s remarkable culture.

“Culture is the heart and soul of a city, and cultural activities are an important means of expressing a city’s heritage and its charm and are, therefore, an important way of building its image, brand and uniting its spirit and strength.”

Hangzhou, the capital city of Zhejiang province in eastern China, has used the beauty of its UNESCO World Heritage sites - the Liangzhu archeological ruins, Grand Canal and West Lake – and iconic Qiantang River to host countdown events and unveil key elements such as the mascots, the Games slogan “Heart to Heart, @Future”, the emblem and torch design known as “Eternal Flame”.

Other events have included the “Asian Games 10 Cities Tour”, the Asian Games International Etiquette Contest and Asian Games English Star Contest, while other activities have been held for children, youth and students.

Digital platforms, smart technology and Augmented Reality (AR) have also played a part in the promotion of the Hangzhou Asian Games and many more cultural events are planned in the remaining months around key countdown moments. 

“We will continue to stage meaningful cultural activities that have a strong focus before and during the Games so that the event can be seen and heard and reach everyone,” said Vice Mayor Chen, who stressed the importance of the opening and closing ceremonies and the torch relay.

“A successful Asian Games will undoubtedly leave an important legacy and unforgettable memories in people’s hearts, and cultural activities will be a major part of this. From the opening ceremony to the theme song and slogan, the Games will bring long-term benefits and prestige to the Asian Games brand.”