Shantou 2021 AYG launches solicitation for musical works

Launching Ceremony of the Solicitation for Musical Works for Shantou 2021 Asian Youth Games .
Launching Ceremony of the Solicitation for Musical Works for Shantou 2021 Asian Youth Games .

Shantou, China, January 18, 2022: The much-anticipated Opening Ceremony of the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games will take place on February 4.

To express the joy of the Shantou people in the soon-to-open Winter Olympics and the Asian Youth Games from December 20-28 this year, the launching ceremony of the Solicitation for Musical Works for the Shantou 2021 AYG was held at the theatre of Shantou Convergence Media Group on Friday, January 14. 

With the title of “Shining Youth in Shantou”, the Solicitation for Musical Works marks the commencement of musical work development for the Shantou 2021 AYG.

The participating senior government officials included Mr Zeng Fengbao, Mayor of Shantou and Director of the Shantou Executive Committee of the 3rd Asian Youth Games (SECAYG); Mr Cai Qiaozhong, Principal of Xinghai Conservatory of Music; and Mr Lin Ruiwu, Vice Mayor of Shantou and Executive Deputy Director of SECAYG.

In his speech, Vice Mayor Lin emphasised the importance of musical works when hosting the Shantou 2021 AYG. He said that the music would help “promote the fighting spirit and sportsmanship, exhibit the profound cultural heritage of the host city, showcase the Chinese style, Guangdong glamour and Shantou flavour and leave behind unique Asian Youth Games heritage and fond memories of the Shantou 2021 AYG”.

In an effort to foster the creation of AYG-themed musical works that are artistically innovative, with a globalised perspective and reflect the trends of the time, SECAYG plans to solicit musical works through pubic solicitation and targeted invitation within four categories:

*Games hymn

*volunteer song

*city-wide promotional song

*occasion-specific music (including entrance music, exit music and victory ceremony music). 

The categories of submissions will include complete songs, lyrics and musical tunes. An applicant can choose to participate in the selection through a Headquarters Division or through a Collegiate Division, and the submission deadline is March 31. SECAYG will set up a judging panel to assess the shortlisted musical works.

At the launching ceremony, Shantou Municipal Government and Xinghai Conservatory of Music signed a Framework Agreement on Strategic Cooperation. Both parties agreed to strengthen cooperation, tap professional resources, accelerate the musical system development and promote cultural and artistic exchanges and collaboration in eastern Guangdong.

At the live event, two renowned singers - “Dongshan Master” Liao Huan and Ye Xiaoyue, a semi-finalist of a national singing contest “Sing! China” in 2017 - were appointed by SECAYG as the initiators of the solicitation of musical works for the Games.