Charity golf event strengthens Indonesia NOC sports bonds

Charity golf event strengthens Indonesia NOC sports bonds

Jakarta, Indonesia, December 14, 2021: The National Olympic Committee of Indonesia organised a charity golf invitational at Gunung Geulis Golf & Country Club, Bogor.

Representatives from the sports ministry, the National Sports Council, the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises and golf enthusiasts took part in the event.

Executive Committee member Indra Gamulya said the NOC organised the event to build a strong bond between the stakeholders of the national sports movement.

"We want to strengthen the bond between the stakeholders through the event so that we can be the big family,” Indra said in his opening address.

“Moreover, we invite junior athletes to participate in the event because we want to support them to play at a higher level as golf is an Olympic Games event. I would also like to thank our sponsors for supporting this event.

"As we're still enduring the Covid-19 pandemic, we applied health protocols. All participants and personnel had to undergo the antigen swab test before the event."

The organisers also provided charity to Olympians and former athletes in the event. Former tennis player Wailan Walalangi received a donation from the organisers on behalf of families of the late Olympians Lukman Niode, Markis Kido, and dr. Liane Suniar, as well as Verawaty Fadjrin.

NOC Secretary General Ferry J. Kono said the charity was a form of appreciation for Olympians and former athletes from the Committee.

"We want to show our gratitude and appreciation to our Olympians and former athletes. We hope we can give them more support in the future," Ferry said.