Shantou AYG reveals 'Full Bloom' core graphics and colours

Shantou AYG reveals 'Full Bloom' core graphics and colours

Shantou, China, December 7, 2021: The organising committee of the Olympic Council of Asia’s third Asian Youth Games in Shantou, China in December 2022 have unveiled the core graphics and colour system.

The graphics and colour scheme play a crucial role in the branding and look of the AYG, which will take place in Shantou – a port city in Guangdong province – from December 20-28, 2022.

The title of the graphics is “Full Bloom” and incorporate four main colours - Vitality Red, Sunshine Orange, Future Blue and Youth Green. 

Organising committee SAYGOC released the core graphics and colours on Monday, December 6 at the Chaoshan History and Culture Exhibition Centre and said they had become the centre of public attention.

“As the basic and auxiliary elements of the visual identity system, the core graphics and colour system are an integral part of any major sporting event,” SAYGOC said.

“The combined use of the core graphics and colour system, emblem, mascot and slogan will help create the brand and Games ambience of Shantou 2021 AYG,” SAYGOC added, referring to the fact that the event has retained the original title despite being postponed to 2022.

“The core graphics of the Shantou 2021 AYG, titled Full Bloom, are inspired by Jinfenghua (peacock flower) - the city flower of Shantou. 

“The colourful petals contain many Shantou landmarks, such as the Shengteng Sculpture, which is a symbol of the Shantou Special Economic Zone’s phenomenal growth, the Small Park Historical and Cultural Blocks, the gables, which are distinctive motifs of traditional Chaoshan architecture, as well as the Games’ opening ceremony venue.”

The petals are joined by a local porcelain shard mosaic technique (also known as Qianci), which has been listed as a national cultural heritage art.

Regarding the four main colours, SAYGOC added: “These colours have encapsulated the very essence of traditional Chinese colour culture and vividly portray the character of Shantou in a poetic manner.”

The graphics and colours will be widely applied in various fields, including venue layout, TV broadcast, cultural activities, city landscape, Games-related materials, licensed products, ticketing and uniforms.

“It is certain that the successful application of these elements in a harmonious and uniformed manner will help promote Chinese style, Guangdong glamour and Shantou flavour to the international community."