Palestine Olympic Academy unveils plan to improve management skills

© Palestine Olympic Academy/Facebook
© Palestine Olympic Academy/Facebook

Ramallah, Palestine, October 26, 2021: The Palestine Olympic Academy has endorsed its last quarterly plan for 2021 with the focus on developing the management, administrative and technical skills of staff in sports federations, institutions and clubs.

The Palestine Olympic Committee Media Department reported on Monday, October 25 that the last quarter of this year of the Palestine Olympic Academy would include a range of courses, seminars and workshops aimed at improving the communication skills, leadership and media awareness of administration staff in sporting bodies.

The Academy will arrange the relevant experts in each field for the workshops and seminars with the focus on improving managerial and marketing skills of staff in the sports federations. 

The target is that the improved knowledge and skills of management and administrative staff will have a positive effect on the performance of athletes of the respective federations in international competition.