Oman Olympic Committee organises campaign to help recovery from cyclone Shaheen

© Oman Olympic Committee
© Oman Olympic Committee

Muscat, Oman, October 25, 2021: The Oman Olympic Committee organised a "Sports Brings Us Together" campaign to help those affected by the recent cyclone Shaheen.

More than 350 volunteers, including athletes, members of sports clubs, government officials, residents and members of the Oman Olympic Committee board of directors took part in a clean-up campaign in North Al Batinah removing waste and debris from the streets as a result of the damage wrought by the cyclone.

Taha bin Suleiman Al Kishry, Secretary General of the Oman Olympic Committee, was among the many board members who participated. He said: “We are pleased with the large group of athletes of all categories in this national campaign with the rest of the government and private institutions to support those affected by the cyclone, and to support them and stand with them in this ordeal.”

Muhammad Al-Yahmadi, Director General of Sports Affairs at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth, added: “Sport provides moral, voluntary and social lessons and implicit messages. It embodies the noble and moral values that societies carry out, such as ethics, volunteerism, solidarity, and carries with it messages for our young people and youth that sports are not only physical, artistic or competitive goals, but are higher and stronger than that.”

Oman’s international runner Barakat Al-Harthy, who also participated in the campaign, said: “It is a great honour for us to be present in this national epic, and it is our duty as athletes to stand with the rest of the community, as they are the basis of our success in our journey due to their constant support and encouragement.”

Volunteers cleaned beaches and homes, removed waste from roads, in addition to providing a range of games and artistic and educational competitions for children in the affected area. The campaign also provided two trucks loaded with drinking water, and distributed breakfast, lunch and dinner to a number of affected people.