Hong Kong Olympic Committee praises Chief Executive’s policy address on sports development

Hong Kong, China NOC President Timothy Fok. © Xinhua
Hong Kong, China NOC President Timothy Fok. © Xinhua

Hong Kong, China, October 7, 2021: The Sports Federation and Olympic Committee (SF&OC) of Hong Kong, China “supports and welcomes” the sports initiatives laid out by the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government, Carrie Lam, in her policy address on Wednesday, October 6.

In a press release issued on October 6, the SF&OC states that the Chief Executive proposed to set up the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau; allocate more resources to support athletes in training and career transformation upon retirement; and to support the development of sports as an industry.  

“SF&OC supports and welcomes these initiatives and believes that they will enable Hong Kong athletes to achieve outstanding results in the international sports arena,” the statement said.

“SF&OC considers that, with the establishment of the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau, the Government would be more focused in the formulation of sport-related policies at a higher level to better fit the need of the industry.  

“This will benefit the continuous development of sports in Hong Kong as well as facilitate the meeting of the objectives of supporting elite sports, maintaining Hong Kong as a centre for major international sports events and promoting sports in the community.  

“Furthermore, the allocation of more resources to expand the Retired Athletes Transformation Programme to safeguard athletes’ livelihood upon their retirement can help athletes better focus on training and better prepare for their post-retirement career.”

The SF&OC said it would continue to actively collaborate with the Government to provide various development opportunities for retired athletes through its Hong Kong Athletes Career and Education Programme.

Regarding the 15th National Games of China, which Hong Kong will co-host with Macau and Guangdong province in 2025, the SF&OC said it would, together with its member National Sports Associations, proactively support the Hong Kong SAR Government in order to host a successful event based on the principles of “simple, safe and wonderful” as announced by the State Council.  

“This will not only showcase the capabilities of the regions in hosting large-scale sports events but also nurture a ‘Sport for All’ culture among the people,” the statement said.

“SF&OC hopes the Government will continue to communicate and work closely with various stakeholders in the sports community to foster the development of the sports industry in Hong Kong and promote Hong Kong’s position as an international sports events capital.”