Swimming association’s Sattar becomes new Maldives NOC President

Mohamed Abdul Sattar is the new President of Maldives Olympic Committee. © MOC
Mohamed Abdul Sattar is the new President of Maldives Olympic Committee. © MOC

Male, Maldives, June 11, 2021: Mohamed Abdul Sattar has been elected as the new President of Maldives Olympic Committee after winning the election during the Extra-Ordinary General Assembly (EOGA) on Thursday, June 10, the MOC reports.

The EOGA, which was held at Henviru Grounds, was attended by the registered 16 members along with the two athlete representatives.

Sattar was nominated by the Swimming Association of Maldives and was challenged by Moosa Nashid, who was nominated by the Badminton Association of Maldives. 

Ali Umar, from Football Association of Maldives, also ran for the position of President and Vice President but withdrew his candidacy the day before the meeting.

Eighteen votes were cast and Sattar secured victory when he achieved the majority of 11 votes.

Ahmed Ismail, nominated by Handball Maldives, and Mohamed Tholal (Athletics Association of Maldives) were elected Vice Presidents.

The remaining Executive Committee seats were filled by the national associations of badminton, basketball, surfing, table tennis, tennis and volleyball for Olympic sports, and by body building, chess and netball for non-Olympic sports.

The term for the Executive Committee is for four years.

The appointment of Secretary General and Financial Director will be decided and approved by the new Executive Committee members.

Before the meeting, long-serving Secretary General Marzooq Ahmed posted: “Today is my last day as the Elected Secretary General of Maldives Olympic Committee. 

“Wholeheartedly I can say that it has been a privilege and an honour to serve Maldives Sports Family. Specially the youth of our Nation.”

The previous MOC President was Mohamed Shaweed.