UAE NOC President Sheikh Ahmed pays lavish tribute to former VP Hamid Al-Qatami

© UAE Olympic Committee/Facebook
© UAE Olympic Committee/Facebook

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, June 10, 2021: Hamid Al-Qatami, former first Vice President of the United Arab Emirates Olympic Committee, was honoured for his contributions and efforts during his tenure in serving the Olympic Movement in the country.

The President of the UAE Olympic Committee, HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, praised VP Al-Qatami for his role in promoting the development of sports in the Emirates and appreciated his contributions to the Olympic Movement.

In a statement on the UAE NOC Facebook page, Sheikh Ahmed said Al-Qatami’s tenure would remain “a milestone in the history of the National Olympic Committee” and added: "He upheld the core values of the Olympic Charter and activated the Committee’s role in pushing the march of sports development towards new horizons of excellence.”

Al-Qatami was credited for the “influential role” he played in strengthening the Olympic Movement and raising its position in the UAE as well as “stimulating the spirit of competition among athletes to elevate performance and achieve higher levels of sports excellence.”

He was also acknowledged for “encouraging the enhancement of the presence of women in the sporting scene”.

For his part, Al-Qatami expressed his deep thanks and gratitude for the generous gesture from HH Sheikh Ahmed.