Aichi-Nagoya announces ‘Imagine One Asia’ as slogan for 2026 Asian Games

Aichi-Nagoya announces ‘Imagine One Asia’ as slogan for 2026 Asian Games

Nagoya, Japan, October 18, 2019: The Aichi-Nagoya Asian Games Organising Committee (AINAGOC) announced “Imagine One Asia” as the official slogan for the 20th Asian Games Aichi-Nagoya 2026 at a press conference.

“Imagine One Asia” was created by Waka Sakamoto, a famous copy writer in Japan, and selected as the final candidate through careful examination by the slogan selection panel. The slogan was finalised at an Executive Board meeting held just before its official release.

Hideaki Ohmura, President of AINAGOC and Governor of Aichi Prefecture, and Takashi Kawamura, Deputy President of AINAGOC and Mayor of Nagoya City, attended the meeting and the press conference.

In the Executive Board meeting, new board members were nominated from the Japanese Olympic Committee: Vice President Kohzo Tashima as Deputy President of AINAGOC and Secretary General Tsuyoshi Fukui as Vice President of AINAGOC. Mr. Fukui also joined the press conference.

Alongside the release of the slogan, the organisers claimed that sport has the power to bring people together beyond the barriers of language, culture and nationality. They hope that the Aichi-Nagoya 2026 Asian Games will be the opportunity for everyone in Asia to imagine their own “One Asia” through the power of sport so that the ties among Asian people will strengthen and they can go forward to a bright future.

The 20th Asian Games are due to take place from September 19 to October 4, 2026. The 19th Asian Games will be in Hangzhou, China, from September 10-25, 2022.