Malaysia NOC outlines pandemic support to NSAs

Malaysia NOC outlines pandemic support to NSAs

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, December 4, 2020: The Olympic Movement has been quick to look after its partners and stakeholders during the Covid-19 pandemic, from the highest level of the IOC and ANOC to the National Olympic Committees.

One such example in Asia is the Olympic Council of Malaysia, which has provided around USD 140,000 in two pay-outs to its National Sports Associations for administrative and operating expenses.

The OCM outlined their financial support in a Facebook post and graphic showing the details of the funding – aimed at easing the financial burden of the NSAs in these difficult times with sport at a standstill.

In the first payment, in March 2020, 23 Ordinary Members and seven Associate Members benefited to the tune of RM265,000 (USD 65,000).

The second Covid-19 fund to assist its members was approved by the OCM in November 2020, amounting to over RM300,000 (USD 74,000). The November pay-out involved 34 NSAs.

In addition to that, the OCM Executive Board agreed to waiver the monthly rental of tenants at the Wisma OCM HQ building in Kuala Lumpur for the months of April and May and also for December 2020.