Malaysia NOC prepares for online NOA Session for Young Participants

Malaysia NOC prepares for online NOA Session for Young Participants

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 13, 2020: The Olympic Council of Malaysia is busy preparing for and promoting its National Olympic Academy Session for Young Participants.

The five-day event will run from November 23-27 and will be held online via the Zoom video conference link. 

The theme of the session is "Olympism and Human Rights" and the topics over the five days are: Olympism, Human Rights, Safeguarding, Paralympics and Esports.

A series of experts will make presentations and provide the catalyst for questions, debate and discussion.

The nine guest speakers will join the Session from various countries including Jordan, Japan and the United States as well as from host country Malaysia.

The list of nine presenters is: 

Dr. Leo Ann Mean, who is a founding member of the National Olympic Academy of Malaysia; Nicholas Chan, Director of the National Olympic Academy; Yasmeen Shabsough, a 25-year-old professional footballer from Jordan.

Danielle Lopez from the United States on the subject of abuse in amateur sport; Datuk Marina Chin, a well-known athlete, coach, teacher and administrator in Malaysia; Miki Matheson of Japan, a member of the Education Committee of both the International Paralympic Committee and International Olympic Committee.

Yuhanis Adnan, a university lecturer in Malaysia; Allan Phang, the Regional Head of Marketing and PR at EVOS Esports; and OCM Vice President Professor Dato’ Dr Shamala Subramaniam.

Source: OCM